Learn – Do – Teach: Using-Your-Skills-In-Health-Education-To-Create-Sustainable-Change-In-Your-Community

Learn – Do – Teach: Using-Your-Skills-In-Health-Education-To-Create-Sustainable-Change-In-Your-Community

This article will take you on a short journey to reflect on your own health, my personal journey, most importantly how we can aspire to creating much greater sustainable impact to the world.

We all know our health should always be the number one priority in life to essentially live our best lives.

To be of better service not only to ourselves, to our family, friends and the broader community. 

Proximity is Power

We are part of a journey dating back to ancient times, dark/middle ages, the modern era and the present time.

Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian healing hands

We are part of a journey dating back to ancient times, dark/middle ages, the modern era and the present time.

We impart onto others traditions in health care influenced by the likes of:

Hippocrates 460 – 370 BC

Per Henrik Ling 1766 – 1839

Ida Rolf 1896 – 1979

Moshe Feldenkrais 1904 – 1984

Leon Chaitow 1937 – 2018

It’s incredibly touching to know we have been part of the most enriching and rewarding tradition that spans the history of time.

Can you think back to all the mentors you have connected with over time that have made everlasting impact on your health education?

We have our homegrown heroes Teepoo Hall, Alfred Peters, Joseph Fay, Thomas Bowen & Jeff Murray.

The game changers of our current time, Dr David Butler and Professor Lorimer Mosley.

These two gentlemen are at the forefront of educating people on the complex nature of pain and health education. 


Everything to be grateful for

There are moments in life when everything is against your will.

It feels like your being pounded by gigantic 50 foot waves barely able to take in a gasp of air.

Tossing, turning, dragged and slammed to the floor only to get dumped again and again.

Drowning in fears and anxiety
We drown in fears, stress & anxieties. We always get back up.

Eventually you reach the surface.

Once again you experience a breath of life.

At 10 feet your regaining control of your fears, anxieties and stress.

At 5 feet your mind, body and spirit in full harmony, equilibrium and homeostasis. 

Once again your will to not just survive but to truly live, the internal dialogue beckons you to deep inquiry within.

To discovering one’s true self and meaning to life once more, slowly all the scattered pieces to your jigsaw puzzle that we call life comes back together.

A fork in the road

When was that time in your life, which made you realise the importance of investing time into your health? 

Maybe you have experienced a traumatic injury, perhaps you were once an elite athlete retired to injury?

A major influence whom’s dire circumstance encouraged you to become vested in healthcare to be in the service of their needs.  

Spare a moment to close your eyes, breath, visualise and reflect on your journey from the beginning to when it all began. 

The growth inside!

The person I am today, I greatly attribute to my journey of seeking the answers to my own healthcare.

The almighty mind body connection

I attribute this to the kindred spirits who’s time, vulnerability and trust continually guide my path in health education.

The amazing healthcare communities I’ve had the privelage of working and learning from.

For the generous support and mentorship from my fellow peers in health education.

Whilst I cherish these great experiences the ultimate value gained enabling me to truly grow and become the most dedicated practitioner, I attribute to my beautiful mum. Christine 💓💓

Manifesting what you yet don’t know 

In 2016, I unknowingly began to manifest my mission.

First by trying my best to instil purpose and meaning back into mum’s fragile life as she was recovering in ICU from her second major heart operation in 12 months. 

I promised mum that I would one day travel to the Philippines and offer my services to communities which lack the basic health requirements to living a sustainable life.

Sadly she passed away in 2016 and this was my giant 50 foot wave.

As fate would reveal a coffee with my friend Ana, connected me to a non profit organisation Liddle Kidz Foundation (LKF).

Of the 4,200 applications I was truly humbled and blessed to be invited by the founder, Tina Allen to join the global team of ambassadors.

Our mission: To impart evidence informed pediatric massage therapy for infants, children and their families. Using therapeutic knowledge, assessment, treatment and education to create sustainable change.

Location: That’s right the Philippines, December 2019. “Oh Yeah!”

Liddle Kidz Foundation

Mission accomplished

I felt so proud with a major sense of belonging to a local and global community.

A dedicated group of health professionals who carry the beacon of light everyday for those entrusting onto us their most sensitive health concerns.

Having this great opportunity to use my skills and knowledge as a Massage therapist is the absolute pinnacle of my working career.

To give back to this beautiful community to which I am deeply connected too through my mum’s filipino heritage. 

I get to fulfill my one promise to mum.

In doing so I carry her legacy of peace and love with me 💙💚💛

Your future of 2020 – Fight the good fight

What will be your Call to Action be in 2020?

We have a unique set of skills that not only benefits the lives of our local community.

If your passionate about health education for your own quality of life and that of others.

How will you best use your amazing skills in healthcare to be in service of those who require our help? 

We are the total sum of those closest to us, together we can create everlasting sustainable change.

Impacting the most vulnerable communities across the globe.

This I now know 🙏

Yours in Health 


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