Jude’s Story

Before discovering my new path and online journey, my life was always filled with family, friends and opportunity. 

That being said I’ve had a few wake-up calls and WTF moments.

In 2016 I told mum I was quitting my corporate job for one of the big insurance companies in Sydney, Australia (Great salary, cool office culture but it just wasn’t what I was passionate about). 

I was also teaching evening’s for extra cash and teaching is what I am super passionate about. 

I shared these very thoughts and feelings to mum, two weeks after she passed away.

I was 36 and she was just 68. 

The night she passed away I received an email (I’m not sure what compelled me to open the message and read it but I did all the same)  it was a job offer for a full time teaching position. 

Sometimes the universe has a strange way with major life events.

In that moment I looked up into the night sky and whispered ‘thanks mum’

I felt as though I was given a glimmer of hope in what was the most heartbreaking and traumatic day of my life. 

Not only did this amazing women raise me along side my twin brother Matty and 4 other siblings, throughout life she was always the solid rock I could lean on. 

Especially during the most challenging times when I experienced depression and suicidal ideations. 

I know I’m not alone in this as you too may have or are going through challenges due everyday stresses and pressure which we all experience in our lives nowadays. 

And so with this new position teaching I was given a lifeline to focus on a new direction whilst overcoming and grieving the loss of my beautiful mum. 

This pathway opened up the amazing opportunity to volunteer with the Liddle Kidz Foundation http://www.liddlekidz.com/ as a health ambassador during the Philippines Global Outreach Program.

I finally fulfilled my promise to mum which was to return back home to the Philippines and give back to the local communities.

This life changing experience has given me a renewed purpose in life and it is my mission to continue creating sustainable healthcare for the people of the Philippines.

Creating my online business through the SFM is the gateway in providing the time freedom for me to continue my work for this amazing community.

I knew I had to find a way to transfer my traditional work skills in teaching by leveraging the power of the internet.

To be my own boss, to earn a passive income as I’m learning and best of all earn while I sleep. 

Unlike traditional jobs which create so much stress, take so much of our precious time away from what matters most.

  • Giving back to our communities and truly being in the service of others
  • Spending valuable time with my family and friends
  • Travelling the globe without having to worry about coming back home to work and start making money again

So for me having the ability to invest my time into other people’s lives all thanks to a business model the enables it, brings so much value and meaning back into my life.

Everyday I wake up with so much gratitude and feel humbled to be on this journey. 

Yours in Health 

Jude Michael Borromeo